A good looking Ditz (out-of either sex) is a good Brainless Beauty

Brand new Ditz

Blackadder: Oh sure, Percy, therefore the the fresh new ruff? Lord Percy: [confident] Better? Blackadder: Tough. Lord Percy: Uh, the fashion today is to your tiny. Blackadder: Better, if that’s the case Percy, there is the most common head from inside the London area.

The fresh new Ditz are a nature whose defining characteristic is profound absurdity otherwise quirkiness. For the fictional, women ditzes include sweet and naive, while men ditzes are oafish however, adorable (whether if they have been ugly or not gender-wise). Regardless, they truly are typically friendly and you may La paz sexy hot girl social (or extremely kindhearted, honest, & simple often times), something can’t be said to the polar other side away from it trope. The fresh new Ditz is created to look inadvertently comedy or funny. Inside the a drama show, they give you comical rescue.

In place of The fresh new Deceive, The newest Ditz is actually seldom in any genuine issues and you will, even though they were, fortune is often measured onto save yourself them. Although dark, or even more cynical reports, will not favor them, their stupidity usually getting them murdered in a number of dreadful trend.

An in private rich Ditz is actually an upper-Group Twit. A beneficial Ditz that’s a mighty Glacier (Mostly while the Large Guy or the Brute) is actually a silly Muscles. A Alluring Secretary with the group could be a Ditzy Secretary.

A far more competent if the happy Ditz can occasionally get to be the Deceive. Delivered to their weirder extreme, new Ditz is also develop to your a great Cloudcuckoolander.

One to reasoning discover The fresh new Ditz into way too many Tv shows is the fact it gives the viewers someone to getting superior so you’re able to. Regardless of what foolish that would-be, you’re still wiser compared to the Ditz. In certain settings, that it characteristic can also get off all of them think getting accused of that have a psychological otherwise neurological diseases so you’re able to validate their standard behavior. When you look at the collection which have a beneficial Gadgeteer Wizard, confidence this reputation getting the newest dreaded Spanner regarding the Work, often destroying the latest Genius’s most recent investment because of the coming in contact with items that shouldn’t feel touched.

Come across including: Far-eastern Airhead, Wizard Ditz, Obfuscating Stupidity, Dumb Blond, therefore the Klutz (who will relate to having a silly image). Normally overlap with this specific Loss Is that you, but is not necessarily the same task.

In extreme situations, in the event the profile passes away for their absurdity, discover Also Foolish to call home. In the event your reputation leaves others at risk for their stupidity, see Lethally Dumb. Could possibly get overlap with Idiot Character.


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