Roma area organises reasonable to own young away from each other sexes meet up with

Socialising having complete strangers when you look at the bars, hanging out with members of the family and colleagues, taking place blind schedules, which have a dating website account: looking a partner in the modern Bulgaria is like elsewhere from inside the south west, but there is a community in which some body meet possible spouses in a far more traditional means.

On the outsider (in order to many Bulgarians), most of the Roma hunt an identical. They are, not, divided into numerous teams and that disagree from inside the faith, life style and you may income. The Kalaydzhii are East Orthodox Christians as well as for years have been itinerant tinkers. Their hobby is dying out today, nonetheless continue the brand new heritage away from located in short organizations thrown as much as Bulgaria.

Brand new Kalaydzhii choose to marry inside their clan, but even after the fresh new advent of the online and you will cellular correspondence, its life try an obstacle to socialising which have kinsmen. So that they manage two yearly gatherings – a time for you to generally meet family members and you can relatives, exchange rumors, do business and you can, on the youngsters, to acquire someone in daily life.

The newest Kalaydzhii see to your Todorovden, a movable meal towards the first Saturday from Lent (this year it absolutely was to your 8 February), near Stara Zagora, as well as on the newest feast of one’s Assumption, that is always with the 15 August. Chances are they fulfill at the Bachkovo Monastery.

The fresh new Todorovden conference attracts a great deal more desire on media as it it’s time when many Kalaydzhii household bring along their more youthful daughters in the hope to find all of them a suitable partner.

Most are indeed there merely to socialise, while the stalls which have alcohol and kebapcheta is actually loaded with men (seniors nevertheless recreation ebony serves, white shirts, wide-brimmed noticed caps and you can grand moustaches) feasting having relatives. Children run around dining ice-cream and folks flock for the horse fair that is kept just metres out of the bride-to-be reasonable.

Nothing during the meeting is compare with the fresh girls, no matter if. They don hefty eyeshadow as well as their confronts is actually painted light and you may red. Some of the girls try bashful, anyone else be flirtatious. The greater amount of affluent smile broadly to show the silver white teeth, an indication of prosperity. Blue eyes and long-hair are also “assets” wanted of the younger guys at reasonable.

Age future brides varies. Sadly, many Kalaydzhii get rid of their daughters of college when they come to 15 (fourteen ‘s the ages of concur within the Bulgaria), and commence trying marry them off. At reasonable, chances is actually facing girls in their middle-twenties. He’s sensed too old and you will, since they’re probably to get divorced, they are not appreciated while the virgins is actually.

The fresh statements and you can opinionsexpressed here are the ones of the article writers and you can do not necessarily reflect this new advice of one’s America getting Bulgaria Basis and its partners

Whoever the goal bride to be, a step off their unique try her granny. The old ladies are given that colorful since their granddaughters however in an even more traditional means – it however wear the newest brilliant skirts and you can aprons of your Kalaydzhii traditional costume outfit, and their enough time braids hang-down its backs. The fresh new grannies move inside the girls, keeping an eye on the menfolk, prepared to fend off any poor habits, and to means people exhibiting polite need for the granddaughter.

It appears tough to woo a great girl such points, but the young guys manage their finest. They circumambulate employing members of the family, defiantly munching sunflower seed products.

This isn’t strange for an excellent boy and you can good girl so you’re able to experienced an effective smash for each other well before new fair, even so they can still sit in and use it while the official platform to help you announce its involvement.

The styles of their awesome-sexy clothes are now and again borrowed in the phase apparel of your own best chalga divas

Whenever an effective boy and you may a girl appreciate both, this new grandma goes in step and you may quickly organises a meeting between the 2 group. Interacting with agreement was a soft task in order to cut deal with the negotiators will do so in private. Only when an agreement was achieved, are the involvement therefore the sum paid by boy’s family members to your fiance in public places launched, with music and you can moving on the brand new few.

The new replace of cash and you may haggling along the share was an effective essential the main old-fashioned fair that’s much contended all of the season. In the event that discount try roaring regarding the 2000s, a gorgeous virgin off a highly-to-would loved ones could cost to 50,000 leva. On the crisis rates went down, stabilising at around step three,000-5,000 leva, on base rates only 500 leva.

It is also known as “to invest in a bride,” but people within fair was wanting to claim that this isn’t a genuine change but merely a community. No one perform get married the daughter in order to a man she hated, whatever the money on render. In any event, the folks say, the money purchased the bride will be spent on the fresh new relationships, which should be due to the fact magnificent and ostentatious since loved ones can afford.

Performs this way of searching for a spouse are employed in terms of protecting like and joy regarding years to come? There is no rule. During the fair it’s possible to come across smiling ladies with small college students who discover a husband here a-year otherwise two before, nevertheless level of divorced girls “discounted” each year signifies that, like with newer method of in search of a spouse, one thing can also go awry in the bride-to-be fair.

The brand new fair is changing, too. Not that long ago the girls manage been using the newest traditional dresses and aprons one to today only they grannies wear. The web based encourages communication within children and they’ve got become to look down on the whole fling and get to your importance of virginity. Of several girls think of marrying outside the Kalaydzhii.

Probably the precise location of the reasonable is evolving. Consistently it absolutely was stored on the a dirty and ignored meadow just away from community away from Mogila, a few kilometres from Stara Zagora, but last year anyone felt like it – and their stunning daughters – had got an adequate amount of the mud together with clutter additionally the noises of your horse fair. Inside 2013, brand new bride-to-be fair transferred to a left behind parcel of land by the the newest Stara Zagora railway station.

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