Yeah, yeah, but think it’s one smaller procedure which will shag your

() : for similar wants due to the fact CIA. That is important because it means you to definitely better, it indicates that

() : there are lots of other American difficulties segencies who like was extremely angry from the them, but b it means you to definitely, yeah, here their needs are particularly that frequently aimed into CIA, but they’re not very a cut out for them. They have types of their unique situation happening, and this own question is actually overthrowing the government out of Bolivia. Now Bohei Pok,

I really believe this is certainly an essential variation to draw because there is a large number of source that you will realize you to have a tendency to declare that the newest Moonies try a good CIA front side, plus they are not an excellent CIA top, Particularly insofar because there a friend classification to possess one thing, it will be the Korean CIA

() : whoever Moon’s particularly indispensable aid and you may translator, check outs Lapause one year and you may declared You will find erected good throne to possess Father Moonlight regarding planet’s higher city, that is that’s higher. Okay. Yeah, So the chapel plus attempted to organize an excellent 7 thousand user like thousand strong-armed at the church, similar to whatever they attempted to plan out an excellent Brazil and you also understand so it,

() : this is indeed there to support brand new coup. And pursuing the coup, Carlos Mezza and Moonlight including see each other and additionally they however, it this so it this might be this can be eg within big date you to Reagan had decide to try, and so they spend the night praying together for Reagan’s fitness. Today, luckily for us to have Bolivia and you may unfortuitously to possess Moonlight, the guy picked a loser into the Mesa whoever authorities failure in the middle of a good hail acus and protests.

() : You realize, you can’t, you cannot, you simply cannot get a hold of them all, you understand. Yeah, Moonlight has actually a tremendously bad background selecting armed forces dictators. But that it, regrettably was only the start of Moon’s occupation because a sponsor out of international terror and Nazi dying squads. Now, for the nineteen eighty, Bohei Pok and you can Kim Sung In the whoever Kim Sung Inside the is ‘s the Indonesia damer singel the previous Korean CIA channel chief inside

() : Mexico Town, receive an organization, brand new Confederation of Connections towards the Unity of the Societies regarding The united states. Therefore absolutely rubbish identity which they created. Yeah, it’s dreadful, absolutely nothing. Yeah, So fundamentally it created just to make certain that I am able to have the acronym c I U S A great. Today c I You S a quickly will get a conference lay for

() : the newest terrible mass murderers during the Latin The united states. Uh. It kept their earliest appointment throughout the army for the inside the Uh Yeah. The armed forces dictator Elsfredo Strassner’s Paraguay Bohipok told you out of Strassner, estimate, I think he or she is an alternative guy picked from the Goodness to operate his nation. Strassner such as for example performed good genocide from the Cha anybody and then have including performed Procedure Contour one of other

It is kind of funny

() : issues that once we were consistently getting way more towards condor inside an excellent next. Yeah. Um. And probably ci U . s . group meetings is actually Domingo Monterrasa, that the direct regarding Este Salvador’s Vehicles Cuddle Battalion that is most popular for doing that exist Yeah. Yeah, yeah, the individuals are some battle crimers immediately. Yeah. So-so

() : monter monter Rosa remarkably is even instructed by a new member of this new Balti Communist Category, Taiwan, whoever military also is studies dying squads, like brand of synchronous. I am talking about, a few of your doing it as a consequence of Group, some of us creating separately, but also they are education particularly death squads round the Latin America. Today it is unclear in my opinion if monter Rosa such in reality acquired funds from Moonlight, but instance fundamentally every

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